Beaches and coves

Coastal city 

Ceuta has 21 linear km of coastline, with a varied profile of beaches, coves and rocks, distributed in two bays. The Atlantic bay, to the north, is characterized by its cold and rough waters and the Mediterranean bay, to the south, by more temperate and calm waters.

At the easternmost end of the city is Mount Hacho, surrounded by the two waters and unique witness to the meeting of the currents of the Strait.

Ceuta has several beaches in the city center, on the Mediterranean coast. A stone’s throw from the Plaza de Africa and certified with the blue flag for the quality of its waters and first services, these beaches have all the amenities: sports facilities, wheelchair accessibility, showers, access walkways, lifeguard posts, security guards, umbrellas…

La Ribera beach

Located in the southern bay of Ceuta, is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, so its waters are warm and calm. Of fine sand, its dimensions range in 270 m long by 40 m wide. It is an urban beach, it is usually very crowded and has several beach bars, water rental services and night lighting.

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, a guarantee of compliance with all quality and safety standards.

Playa de las ribera ceuta

Chorrillo beach

Chorrillo beach is bathed by warm, calm waters, characteristic of the entire southern bay, and is of fine sand.

Its dimensions are close to 1300 m long and 30 m wide. This beach is the largest in the city and, like the Ribera, has the Blue Flag distinction.

Being a beach very close to the center of the city, it is one of the favorite places of the people of Ceuta to spend the hottest days, so it is common that in high season it is crowded.

playa de el chorrillo ceuta

Calamocarro Beach

On the outskirts of the town, in the northern bay, at the foot of a pine forest, this beach of crystalline and cold waters is born. Its sand is of coarse gravel and the waves are moderate

Playa de calamocarro ceuta

Desnarigado Cove

One of the most spectacular coves of Ceuta. It is characterized by its calm and crystal clear waters, a perfect place for fishermen and underwater photographers. A wild beach of sand and rocks that can be accessed by car or taking a nature walk.

cala de el desnarigado ceuta

Benzú beach

It is located in the northern bay, on the Atlantic coast. The beach of Benzú has moderate and windy waves and unique views. If you do not mind getting up early, take the opportunity to see the spectacular sunrises by the sea.

Playa de benzú ceuta

San Amaro beach

Located in the northern part of Mount Hacho, the beach of San Amaro has calm waters and gravel. Outside the Levante pier, this cove is located in a perfect area to spend a quiet day, without the movement of the main beaches of the city.

playa de san amaro ceuta

Benítez beach

Like all the beaches of the Atlantic coast, Benítez is characterized by its waves and cold waters, with a surface formed by gravel, sand and pebbles.

This beach is located in an urban environment, so it is quite frequented by local residents and athletes.

playa de benitez ceuta
playa del desnarigado de ceuta - turismo ceuta
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